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Our Approach to Dementia Care


Positive Approach Method

The Positive Approach Method was pioneered by Teepa Snow, after a career spent caring for those with dementia and as a primary caregiver herself. The Positive Approach Method is a person-centered approach that evolved to meet the complex and unique needs of individuals using effective and structured technique. This approach focuses on therapeutic approaches to create positive outcomes, modified environmental support and also alter task expectations. It stresses the value of connections when verbal communication and interactions with the resident are altered.

Our Administrator, has spent extensive time studying Teepa Snow's methods and approach and has become a certified instructor. We believes strongly in redirection and understanding the cause of a behavior rather than over medicating to mask the underlying problems. We are excited to pioneer this approach in our Blue Ridge Neighborhood.


Snozelen room Therapy & Music and Memory

Snozelen therapy was pioneered in the 1970's by two Dutch therapists, Jan Hulsegge and Ad Verhuel. It was initially developed to aide those with intellectual disabilities, however, it was later realized the benefits that it could provide to those with brain trauma and Alzheimer's disease.

For those living with Alzhemier's disease and other dementia related diseases it helps combat the isolation, frustration and anxiety that comes as the disease progresses. The multi-sensory environment encourages decompression and relaxation away from the loud noises, constant chatter and bright lights that are typically associated with senior living communities. Our Snozelen room will allow residents to relax in plush recliners with soft background music, fidget blankets and soft things to stroke, enjoy aromatherapy and watch soothing scenes via LED projector.

The Snozelen Room is also where we will utilize our Music and Memory Program. As each new resident joins our neighborhood, their families are asked to compile a list of artists, genres or particular songs that their family member enjoyed. These will be loaded onto an iPod, for the resident to use in Snozelen therapy or as part of an activity.