A"Walkable"Crozet Community

What makes Mountainside truly unique is its location, conveniently located between Charlottesville and Waynesboro (with easy access to Interstate 64 and Route 250), right in the heart of Downtown Crozet, Virginia. Mountainside residents and visitors can easily walk to restaurants, a coffee shop, the library, the bank, the post office, the pharmacy, two churches, an assortment of shops, and even a hardware store. Just a five minute drive away there’s a big grocery store and physical therapists office and physicain's clinics. There’s really no other assisted living community in the area that has so much to offer within walking distance.


Development of the old Barnes Lumber Company site

It’s gotta be a place that has a heartbeat,” Mike Marshall, a Crozet resident for over 35 years who started the Crozet Gazette in 2006, told the C-Ville Weekly. He called it “the single most important development project for the future of Crozet.” And added, “We don’t want a Fashion Square, we want the [Charlottesville] Downtown Mall.”

What’s more, Crozet plans to make their downtown even more special in the coming years. In April 2018, the Downtown Crozet Initiative board met to discuss funding options and design concepts for a proposed community plaza in downtown Crozet. Though it will be sometime before final design plans and construction are complete (check out what is being proposed in a photo in the gallery below), the Crozet community is committed to making Downtown Crozet a vibrant commercial and residential area for people of all ages to enjoy.

Crozet is a small, close knit community, and we have always been a part of its history. Our building dates back to the second decade of the 20th century, when its original structure served as Crozet Ice and Cold Storage Corporation- a cold storage facility where the farmers in the area stored their fruit to ship to local retailers.  In the mid-1970s, after many years out of use, the building was dramatically transformed into a residential community.

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