Mountainside Senior Living
The Charlottesville area’s most affordable assisted living, offering a room with a view and a feeling of home in the mountains...

A Note from Our Administrator

"Mountainside is a diverse community consisting of CEOs, nurses, newspaper men, firemen, teachers, art gallery designers, police and more. This has created a remarkable group of individuals who have chosen Mountainside as their home. The decision to move into an assisted living community is not what most people envision happening to them. Some are willing and some are not so willing. Studies have shown that over 90 percent of Americans want to remain in their homes during their elder years. Unfortunately this is not always possible. Alzheimer's Disease, other forms of dementia and various ailments rear their ugly heads resulting in round the clock care needs. The staff at Mountainside knows this and carefully assists families with smoothly transitioning their loved one into a new environment.

As I began to write this, I reflected on the residents of this community and the care we provide. I have been Mountainside's Administrator for over five years now and have seen many changes. Through each change, the core of what we do is care. We care about each individual and whether they like chocolate milk or regular milk, hate beets or love them, or prefer sleeping late to rising early. Knowing the residents and appreciating them for who they are, and knowing that the staff works tirelessly to do the right thing, providing the best care possible is what makes Mountainside so special to me and this community."

 - Sharon Britt, Mountainside Administrator