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Meet our Managers


Meet the managers

We want each resident and their family members to know the management team, who we are, what we do and why we're here. It helps having a familiar face when coming into a new environment and we hope you'll think of us like family, after getting to know us better.


Sharon Britt- Administrator

Where you are from: Born in the “Endless Mountains” of PA, raised in South Florida in and around Ft. Lauderdale.  Moved to Atlanta, GA in 1980, in 1996 to Savannah, GA, then here!

Time at MSL: 5 years

How you became involved in senior living healthcare: I am an only child, influenced primarily by both grandmothers.  Both strong fierce women.  One was a nurse, one was a domestic worker and both were fabulous cooks. Because of them I’ve always been drawn and felt most comfortable around the elderly.   I began my nursing care in Atlanta, GA as a graduate of Gwinnett Technical College.  After a few years in ER’s and surgical floors I went to my first love of long term care. Was there a couple of years and then began nursing as a hospice nurse.  This was at the beginning of the AIDS epidemic and it turned out to be the most gratifying time of my career.  Taking care of those young folks dying so young was one of the most rewarding situations I’ve ever been in.  I was blessed to be able to do that.  I continued in hospice for the next 30 years and then decided that moving back to long term care was my next move! In 2013 I got my administrator’s license and then Mountainside called!

Love to sew, quilt, shop for antiques and watch the University of Alabama play football.  Avid reader, have two children, one in Atlanta, GA and one in Tuscaloosa, AL (Roll Tide Roll!!!!).  Have 3 grandchildren, Isaac (13), Bear (9) and Gia (7).

Favorite thing at Mountainside: I love the experience of working for a non-profit.  I love the mix of people at MSL.

Trina Murphy- Health Services Manager

Where are you from: I went to high school at Western Albemarle and then moved to Nelson County. I've traveled and lived elsewhere, but no where feels like home the way Central Virginia does.

Time at MSL: 4 years

How you became involved in senior healthcare:


Favorite thing about MSL: Being able to develop relationships with her residents and playing an itegral part in providing for their care needs.

Kati Decker - Community Relations Manager

Where are you from: Originally from Pennsylvania, I came to Virginia in 2010 to attend school at Sweet Briar College and haven't left the area since then.

Time at MSL: 2 years

How you became involved in senior living healthcare:  While in high school I was responsible for helping care for my greatgrandmother who was living with dementia. While being her caregiver for four years, I knew that I wanted to pursue something with seniors, either professionally or as a volunteer. After working in higher education, I decided to try something new and was given the opportunity to work at Mountainside. A week into my position I knew I was where I needed to be.

Favorite thing at Mountainside: The families. I work so closely with the caregivers and family members while they get ready to transition their family member into assisted living or memory care that it's hard for me not to develop close relationships with them. If I can take even the smallest weight off their shoulders and help make the transition easier it makes my job worthwhile. I love the weeks after a move-in, where the family members stop in to chat about how their loved one is doing. Staying connected to the families is the icing on top for me.


Pat Hall- Resident Services and Environmental Services Manager

Where are you from: Afton, Virginia

Time at MSL: 24 years

How did you become involved with senior living healthcare: I was very close to my grandparents and when my grandfather passed, I decided to look for something in healthcare. I am lucky enough to find a piece of him in all the residents.

Favorite thing at MSL: The residents

Penny Goldman- Activities manageR

Where are you from: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Time at Mountainside: 4 years

How you became involved in senior living healthcare: I was referred from a former co-worker who works at JABA. My mother was a Geriatric RN who loved her work, almost as much as she loved her family. She's gone now, but I know she would be thrilled that I'm working in the field that she so adored.

Favorite thing at MSL: Without question, it's the residents. Over time, these wonderful souls become part of your family. You can't help but grow to love them, as you share life experiences, stories, laughter and sometimes tears. It's also been a privledge to get to know their families.


Candi Shifflett- Finance Manager

Where are you from: Afton, VA

Time at MSL: 16 years

How you became involved in senior living healthcare: I volunteered at MSL when I was you and came to love caring for and working with our residents.

Favorite thing at Mountainside: Our community is different from others because from the minute you walk it the lobby, it feels like home. The antique furnishing, the warm and iniviting staff, the relationships our residnets develop with each other like family members.

Petie Satterwhite- Maintenance Manager

Where are you from: Waynesboro, VA

Time at MSL: 1 year

How you became involved in senior living healthcare: After being in the maintenance field for more than 35 years, I retired from my previous position. I had the opportunity to come to Mountainside and I am excited to take on this new role.

Favorite thing at Mountainside: The residents are so appreciative when I go to assist them with maintence needs. I love hearing their stories because it gives a new prospective on aging.