"It's all so good I don't even know where to begin!..."

We just had to post this recent email we received from Mike Kish, whose mom just moved into Mountainside. Plenty of people who have moved into Mountainside have experienced something like this, but Mike was nice enough to take the time to write this:

My name is Mike Kish and I just placed my 83-year old mother in Mountainside last month on September 27, 2018. I just wanted to drop you a short note to tell you how pleased Mom and I are with the facility and all the caring people that work there! It's all so good I don't even know where to begin! But I guess I will start at the beginning with my story and compliments....

My mom and I were looking for an assisted living facility that had AG beds [Ancillary beds – paid for by the state]. My mom lived in Page County and I was working with Page County DSS to get her a grant (which she received very quickly) and then going through a list of ALFs within an hour of her and I. I had visited a few locals ones but was not impressed. I contacted Mountainside (about an hour from us) via email on their website and Elizabeth Powell replied. She stated that there were currently 4 AG beds available and encouraged me to come visit the facility. She also suggested that I fill out the online application as well and I did that the next day. When I visited the facility, Elizabeth was in a meeting so Ty Armentrout sat with me and answered questions. About a half hour later I met with Elizabeth who answered additional questions and then we went on a tour of the facility. I forget all the people I met on the tour but I do remember administrator Sharon Britt and chef Markus Bell. Everyone was so friendly and I loved the atmosphere at Mountainside. I later told mom what a great place this is and a week or so later mom came there for a visit with me. We met with Elizabeth again and showed mom around and of course she liked it. We talked about Mountainside all the way home and agreed that it was a great place for mom. I came back a few times solo with some of mom’s stuff to decorate her room and get the contract and paperwork signed. Working with Elizabeth was great (You need to keep her!) and she made everything painless to say the least! When I was moving some of mom’s stuff in I was always greeted happily, and with a smile, and the Maintenance Manager Petie Satterwhite and Rachel the housekeeper provided me all the help I needed to get mom’s room settled.

Mom moved in on Thursday, September 27 without a glitch. Again, we met with Elizabeth and went up to mom’s room where there was a sign: “Welcome Home Marie.” Elizabeth went over the handbook and mom signed it. The NP was there that day so we met with her and also met some aides and nurses at the facility. Again, all very helpful with smiles on their faces. Mom had lunch there and I went out and took a walk and had something small to eat at the Whistlestop Grill right next to the facility. Mom's been there over a week now and loves it - the assistance, the food, the facility, all the people, EVERYTHING!!!!. The care and pride the employees take in doing their jobs is outstanding!!! I cannot give the facility enough compliments!! I sure hope that when I get to the age when I need assisted living that Mountainside, or something very comparable, is still around.

Mike Kis