Why Mountainside? Let our Administrator explain why

There is much discussion around seniors and caring for them. There are not many of us nowadays who are not touched to some degree by seniors and their needs. It might be a grandparent, a parent, perhaps a sister or brother, maybe a neighbor or a friend is struggling with caring for someone.

Regardless, aging will touch all of us one day, our own aging will rear its ugly head and hit us square in the face. It may come as a surprise with a sudden event or it will happen slowly. At some point, we will look in the mirror and we may not recognize the person looking back. We can change how we look as far as the mirror goes, plastic surgery, botox, there are a multitude of things we can now do that will make us look younger but no one, as of yet, has figured out how to stop the clock from moving.

Those of us in the senior living community have people coming here every day for tours, looking at the building, investigative visits, etc. Always looking for the “hidden” clues that there is bad care being given, or that people are not seeing “all of it”. The question becomes, “where is the best place for my _______?” “where can we get the best care that we can afford?”

Mountainside does not struggle with bad care, it struggles with an older, not very attractive building that was never designed to be an assisted living facility.

For those of you who don’t know, back in the early 1900’s, Mountainside was designed and built to be the catchment facility for the orchards in the area. Fruit was brought here and then put on trains for transport to other cities for sale. That’s why we’re so close to the railroad tracks. Fruit was stored behind these thick concrete walls which kept the fruit cool before it was shipped out.
There’s also the illusion that new, bright and shiny are the best and older is bad. There are facilities that are bright, shiny and new and the care is so horrendous I can’t imagine why they aren’t shut down. I’ve been in healthcare for over 30 years, I’ve talked with thousands of family members and the one thing I consistently say is – don’t pick your nursing home or ALF based on pretty. Fountains and pretty ferns only go so far, it is the care that you must be concerned with. Of course if you smell bad odors, residents look un-kept or unclean, that’s a concern.

As I mentioned before, Mountainside was built to be something entirely different than it being used for now. Cold storage doesn’t have to be pretty, consequently Mountainside is not on the outside, but I will state clearly here, the care is excellent. If you can find a place where the care is better, please buy it. As a non-profit and part of JABA we pride ourselves on our care and upholding the JABA name. Come in and try us, we won’t let you down.

Sharon Britt, Mountainside Administrator

David McNairComment