PointClickCare® Implementation Expands

Mountainside’s electronic health record system, PointClickCare® went live September 1, 2015. “The goal is to be completely paperless—including medication administration, assessments, care plans, everything,” Trina Murphy, Mountainside Health Services Director explained.

“We can instantly pull up a resident’s file and have access to everything in one place. It adds to our efficiency and makes it easy to have accurate information for physicians, and even state surveys. All our data is organized and in one place.”

“It’s called PointClickCare because you literally document everything from the point of care.” Trina said. “The staff member goes straight from the resident’s room to the kiosk in the hall and can document everything that is happening and why.” Staff recently began tracking incidents, so that things like falls are all traceable and detailed in the resident’s record.

The system is very user-friendly.

“It walks you through every step of the way,” Trina said. The staff is doing so well with the program Trina plans to roll out more uses in January. “We will begin implementing activity assessments—including likes and dislikes—when new residents move in. Their records will tell us if we are offering them the right activities and meeting their wants and needs across our different departments.”

“I have been so happy with how the staff has adjusted,” Trina said. “They all jumped right in and have learned the system well.”

David McNairComment